Game play

Metauce NFT Medal
Metauce NFT Medals are only available for invited users, provide initial benefits, and mint a new one after 3 times collect resources.
Metauce NFT Medals owners can more easily become parvenu in the early game.
Please stay tuned for more Metauce NFT Medal benefits.
At the beginning of the game, Metauce NFT Medal owners will be given a free GenesisTreasure Land and Genesis Truck, easier to master the gameplay.
  • Genesis Treasure Land.
Metauce NFT Medal owner will have an initial Genesis Treasure Land for the first entry, Genesis Treasure Land' total output is fixed.
With the depletion of pickable resources, you can mint a new Treasure Land.
Minted Treasure Land will appear in NFT BlindBoxes, randomly Treasure Land.
  • `Genesis` Loot Car
Metaue NFT Medal owners will be gifted a free Loot Car NFT BlindBox for the first entry, extract Genesis Truck NFT. Hashrate of the Genesis Truck is fixed at MP 9.
Hashrate represents extract resources ability.
Mint new Truck NFT by accumulating initial resources through Genesis unique Truck which will pleasantly surprise you.